Top 9 Grocery Shopping Apps For Doorstep Delivery

Top 9 Grocery Shopping Apps For Doorstep Delivery

We do both loves and hate grocery shopping at the same time. We hate it because we have to stay in long lines to find the grocery on our list.

We love it because we buy the food that we love like coffee, fruits, rice, etc.

The grocery delivery mobile app development company has been rising in popularity for some years.

Many apps are available in the market for grocery delivery and grocery shopping. Here you will find the top grocery delivery apps for your read!

In this blog, you will be introduced to some grocery apps that will make your shopping easier and hassle-free.


It is India’s first big grocery app. Bigbasket brings the whole supermarket in their app.

You can get your favorite things like lipsticks to the farm-fresh and crispy vegetables can be deliverable at your doorstep.

It offers many great deals and many other discounts for its regular users. Users can use different payment methods to ensure convenient checkout.

You can use payment methods like cash-on-delivery, e-wallets, debit and credit cards, net banking, etc.


This app is best because it matches the coupons from the brands. This app is designed to maximize your money savings while you shop your grocery list.


It is the ultimate all-in-one app to shop for groceries. It also does everything from managing your grocery list to even keeping track of what you have and don’t have in your pantry.


This was founded in 2014. And since then it has become the most favorite grocery delivery app.

As of now, it is available in 7 other major cities in India. This app also delivers food, medicine, pet supplies, and other essentials stuff.

It delivers customers’ products fast to their door. It can deliver a single product too and delivery time is under 30 minutes.


This app helps you keep a super-organized list by which you can share your list with anyone. It basically helps the users in reminding the groceries got empty.


Vegetables, fruits, and other grocery items can be delivered to your doorstep at an affordable price.

This app doesn’t compromise the quality of the product. App also supports multiple payment options.

More than 6 languages are available for the users to search and buy grocery products.

Grocery Pal

This grocery app is the best bargaining app, where you can actually bargain. It lets the users browse all the sales and deals at their favorite stores.

You can easily add items that are on the sale section into your grocery cart.

Grocery IQ

This grocery helps their customers to shop smarter. It provides some features like a bar code that can be scanned through your phone’s camera.

You just need to snap a pic in the app and the item can be added to your list for next time!

Flipkart Supermart

Flipkart offers great deals on grocery products. Flipkart supermart has a wide variety of products, from spices to grains to dairy products.

This great shop offers home delivery as well as pick-up options. It has a great feature called “Buy Now Pay Later”.

It provides great quality products at an affordable cost. These features make it the most loved grocery app.

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