How To Start A Bike Taxi Business? An Online Business Guide

The Bike-taxi business becomes more popular after the entry of on-demand ride-hailing apps in the market. Funding of $1.17 billion was raised by online taxi startups in India in 2019.

There are two major players in the Indian bike taxi business market which are Ola and Uber. Customers always look for cheaper and quicker means for traveling.

These are some important points of Bike Taxi Business:

Best in Traffic

  • A bike taxi is an ideal option in traffic.
  • The growing population of urban cities has increased the traffic on the roads.
  • Convenient and affordable means of travel
  • Two-wheelers take less space on the road.

Affordable than Cabs

  • Bikes consume less fuel than cars.
  • An affordable way to travel.
  • Cost & time saving

Many options

  • More than 2 crore plus vehicles.
  • They are the preferred mode of transport.
  • Ola and Rapido is a clear indication of that fact.

Employment Possibilities

  • Generate employment in areas where there is a lack of public transport.
  • Support livelihood for many people.

Major Players

Features of A Bike Taxi Business App

Bike taxi Business apps work the same as cab taxi apps. Taxis can be booked in just some taps on your mobile. Features can be added according to your requirements by taxi app development company.


  • Geolocation is a base of taxi services.
  • It works exactly the same way in cab apps.
  • Apps use this to find nearby drivers.


  • Both the rider & driver allowed sharing feedback.
  • This is vital to improve the services.

Ride Details

  • Ride details are an important feature of all bike taxi apps.
  • Riders can easily share their details with their known people.

Multiple Payment Methods

  • They offer online payment options like internet banking, debit/credit cards, or e-wallets.
  • Riders can also pay in cash if they want.

Driver Details

For safety, riders can view available information such as name, address, photo, driving license, bike number, etc. This helps the rider to trust the stranger driver.

Arrival & Destination

Through GPS technology, now riders can easily track the driver and know his exact location.

Fare Estimate

It shows the arrival time of riders. The fare is calculated using algorithms. These algorithms use factors such as locality, distance, timing, etc.

Algorithms increase the fare during peak hours when the demand is on high.

Ride Verification

Ride verification is an additional safety feature. It ensures that the driver meets the right rider and vice versa. A code is sent to the rider after confirming the ride.

A rider needs to tell this code to the driver so that it can be inserted into the app.

Once the driver reaches the rider’s location, both are required to verify the ride using that same OTP.

Real-Time Push Notifications

To keep the rider informed, push alerts are issued. Booking confirmation, driver’s name, car number & arrival time, ride completion update, and so on are examples of notifications.

How To Start A Bike Taxi Business?

A bike-taxi business can earn millions in one day. Its potential is unknown. The business revolves around passengers and drivers.

What makes it different from traditional transport is that the pick-up and drop-off locations are selected by the rider.

The bike-taxi business can generate sales effortlessly. Know these things before starting your own a bike taxi business:


Before entering this market, know the core strength to establish your identity.

In a bike-taxi market, it could be your innovative mindset or simply the location of your business.


It will be good if you know your weaknesses. Startups face this problem when they are not able to attract the customers.

Weakness or flaws of businesses results in lack of trust for customers.


An idea acts as a way to success. The more unique your idea will be the more it will succeed. Start your business as quickly as possible, so that you don’t lose first-mover advantage to an unknown competitor.



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