How To Create An App Like Ola And Uber In India In 2021

How to create an app like Ola and Uber in India in 2021 is a vital question for those who want to start their own taxi business.

The concept of a taxi booking service is about availing a can by an app. Users just need to insert pick-up and drop-off points and enjoy hassle-free rides.

There are some major players in the taxi industry, apps like ola and uber that dominate it.

But entrepreneurs and traditional taxi businesses are also slowly grabbing the market by using clones of apps like uber and ola. You can contact a taxi app development company to make an app like uber and ola. Now let’s look at how to create an app like ola and uber in India in 2021

The Business Model Of Apps like Ola and Uber

The business model of apps like ola and uber is based on a two-sided marketplace. The demand is generated by the customer and the supply is fulfilled by the drivers.

Apps like Ola and Uber provide a platform for both riders and drivers to facilitate each other. These apps like Ola and Uber generate revenue by earning a commission on every ride.

Keep in mind that the drivers are not directly employed by Ola and Uber. Drivers work as partners who can work whenever they want and how much they want. Drivers can accept or decline the working time they want to work.

Feature Lists Of App like Ola and Uber

Apps like Ola and Uber have three major components that make the platform function effectively:

  • The admin App
  • The Drivers App
  • The Riders App

Each app comes with some sets of features. Let’s take a look at the features :

Features Of Riders App


Users can sign in using email id, phone numbers, and social media channels. This is mandatory before booking a ride in the applications like Ola and Uber.

Track a Ride

Apps like Ola and Uber provide options to its riders to track a ride after the booking of a taxi. The rider can see the driver’s location and in how much time they will arrive. The integrated map displays the route.

Fare Calculation

After entering the pick-up and drop-off locations, riders can see the estimated fare in apps like uber and ola. Ola and Uber’s apps have a powerful algorithm that runs in the background and does the fare calculation.

Call Button

This call button is necessary to connect with the driver and rider to tell any additional information.

Cancellation Window

The rider also gets the option to cancel the ride after booking in the apps like uber and ola. And the rider will not be charged any amount if the cancellation happens within the specified time.

Multiple Payment Modes

Nowadays, every application offers multiple modes of payment to its customers. Apps like Ola and Uber offer Ola money, other payment channels like Wallet, GPay, Debit and Credit Cards, net banking, or even cash.

Riders Booking History

Whenever riders book a taxi, it adds to their booking history. This helps riders to track a note of their trips.

Book Now Ride Later

This is an advanced feature that only apps like Ola and Uber provide. In this feature, riders get the option to schedule rides. The confirmation is received immediately and the ride is automatically booked on the date of travel.

Panic Button

This is an important feature for safety. This button gets activated as soon as the journey starts and connects it directly to the company’s call centre or a police station.

Favourite Destinations

Riders can label their favourite destinations or regular going places so that they don’t need to search every time before booking.

Push Notifications

This feature sends updates to its customers. The notifications can be related to new services, fare changes, policy upgrades or to pay postpaid bills, push notifications.

Features of the Drivers App

Editing Personal Profile

The driver can enter their personal information and photographs in apps like uber and ola. This profile gets displayed to the app’s customer. Drivers can also upload their identity documents which are verified from the company’s end.

Scheduling Their Driving Times

These apps like uber and ola provide this feature that enables them to select their working time. They can drive any number of hours of the day according to their convenience.

Connecting With The Customer

The apps like uber and ola have this feature to allow the driver to call the passenger via the app.

Route Optimisation

After the driver is alerted for their next ride, then the integrated GPS automatically determines the shortest and fastest to reach the pick-up location.

Cancellation Window

The driver gets the option to cancel the ride. This option can be exercised if the driver has not gone off-duty.

Waiting Time

After reaching the pickup location, the first 3 minutes are non-chargeable. If the rider arrives after the wait time, then the fare meter starts. And the rider is charged extra for the wait time along with the fare.

Forward Dispatch

This functionality permits drivers during an ongoing trip to accept another ride request. This helps to cut down drivers’ slack time and encourages productivity.

Driver Destinations

The feature allows the driver to accept ride requests towards a specific location.

Driver Delivery Reports

The delivery report is nothing but a summary of the drivers driving skills that apps like Uber and Ola capture. If driving is rash for a longer time, then the company can remove the driver.


Drivers can easily track their earnings in the app. It highlights bonus earnings too of the driver.

Admin Panel

Real-Time Notifications

The Admin dashboard sends customers real-time notifications of the availability of taxis. This feature allows the admin to get an overview of the real-time locations of all the drivers and vehicles.

Cost & Surge Management

This feature allows apps like Uber and Ola admins to calculate surge pricing. Admin can easily update ride fares based on the distance, location, or vehicle type.

Document Processing Tool

Driver information can easily be updated, edited, or even deleted through this feature. This also manages key information like ID proofs, contact details, and vehicle info.

Driver Management

The Driver Management system can easily be operated through the admin dashboard.

Listing new drivers, managing existing ones, and removing the drivers using this panel.


The data of millions of bookings can be analysed using the Analytics system. All important business decisions can be easily taken through these key insights.

Technology Stack For An Apps Like Ola and Uber

The next point of concentration in apps like ola and uber is the technology stack. This is what recommend :


  • iOS — Xcode, Alamofire and Swift
  • Android — Java Studio, Kotlin
  • Tools — Facebook API, Amazon S3, Firebase Cloud,, Google Maps, and Twilio


  • Confluence, Jira, Crashlytics and GitLab


  • Apple Store, Google Playstore, AWS, and EC2

Development Team Required To Create An Apps Like Ola and Uber in India

There are many ways to create or make an app like Ola and Uber. You can make an in-house team, freelancers, or even an agency in India or in your country. To create an Ola and uber clone app, you need the following resources:

There are many ways to create or make an app like Ola and Uber. You can make an in-house team, freelancers or even an agency in India or in your country. To create an Ola and Uber clone app, you need the following resources:

  • Business analysts
  • UI/UX designers
  • Web developers
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • Testers And Quality Assurance Engineers
  • A project manager

How much does it cost to create an app like Ola and Uber in 2021?

The work determines the amount of time and budget required to create or make an app like ola and uber in 2021.

Depending on the location the cost of a uber and ola clone can be calculated:

  • North America ➡ $100 — $300 for an hour
  • United Kingdom ➡ $80 — $250 for an hour
  • Western Europe ➡ $60 — $150 for an hour
  • Eastern Europe ➡ $40 — $120 for an hour
  • India ➡ $10 — $80 for an hour

Taxi App Development Cost In India → An app like uber and ola with advanced features can be created from $30,000 to $50,000 in India in 2021.

Final Words

Ola and Uber can be your benchmark, there is scope for any new startup to innovate this market.

As a new business, you need to find your niche and a profitable strategy for revenue. Select a taxi app development company that can help you to achieve your business goals.



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