Free White Label Crypto Exchange

We provide a multi-cash, Segwit, security-focused, multi-repetition and high-repetition exchange stage with ERC20.

We give total white label cryptocurrency exchange software application to buy, sell digital currencies endlessly.

White Label Crypto Exchange Software Feature

  • Multiple currency supports
  • Computerized money exchange.
  • It maintains monetary standards like EUR, USD and this is only the tip of the iceberg
  • Allows for faster addition and elimination of digital currencies
    KYC client clear geolocation
  • Accessible on steps like web, Android and iOS

Advanced Features Of White Label Crypto Exchange Software

  • Dependent transaction management
  • Security capability
  • 3-tier or point-in-time architecture
  • Combination of different exchanges Cryptographic liquidity

Why Choose BR Softech For Your Free White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Crypto Liquidity

  • Efficient exchange system without being affected by price fluctuations.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Our platform supports multiple payment modes.

Multicurrency Wallet

  • Secures and encrypted funds with multi-layered security protocols.

Maximum Security

  • Security features include 3-tier cold wallet system, hot exchange and hot exchange, anti-phishing, 2FA, database encryption, DDoS attacks mitigation, and more.

The Last words

BR Softech is the world’s most trusted white label crypto exchange software provider. Our White Label Architecture is gaining strength among the largest companies in the world.



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