Does Ultra-Fast Delivery Have A Future In The Online Grocery Industry?

3 min readNov 12, 2021


The Growing Demand For Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery apps such as Amazon Fresh, bigbasket have been in the grocery industry for a while.

They offer customers multiple advantages to shops and provide a safer and convenient way to buy groceries anytime.

Demand for grocery delivery is increasing, 67% growth in online grocery shopping in the year 2020.

New trend is coming in the online grocery market that is ultra-fast grocery delivery.

While it has made its way in some European countries, this market segment is advanced and new.

Ultra-fast grocery delivery wants to change the grocery industry just like Uber has done for taxis.

The Ultra-Fast Model

Unlike traditional grocery delivery services, ultra-fast delivery services are not going to replace bulk grocery shopping.

Ultra-fast business model is to deliver small quantities of grocery items or everyday products in the shortest time.

The disadvantage of ultra-fast delivery is that it will only work in dense population areas.

It is a quick way to reach customers easily, deliveries can be picked on bikes from small warehouses spread across inner-city locations.

This limits the potential customers & leaves rural customers with no choice.

This service is very tempting. With just a limited number of products, a warehouse & selection of locations, customers can easily receive ultra-fast deliveries within 60 minutes.

What sets the best ultra-fast delivery apps apart?

Ultra-fast delivery has the potential to change the way grocery shopping works. If it becomes the future of the e-commerce industry, then the sector needs to focus on strengthening its USP.

According to McKinsey report, product selection & payment methods are the most important features a customer looks into a grocery delivery app.

A seamless customer experience can be given with ultra-fast delivery to differentiate your grocery business from competitors and attract a large customer base.

These following features are required for ultra-fast delivery apps:

  • Customers are able to sign up via options like Facebook, Google, Apple ID or phone number.
  • The postcode is requested in the beginning of the sign up to avoid customers by adding products into the cart that are told later that some are not available in their location.
  • A search function with filter categories ensures that customers are able to find the products they are in need of.
  • Customers can easily add grocery products into their cart and remove them if they change their mind.
  • The grocery app or website has multiple languages support for both UI and product description.
  • The chatbot enables consumers to take help when a problem arises.
  • Customers are able to easily access & reorder past purchases as well as receive recommendations based on their products history.
  • Live tracking enables consumers to monitor the progress of their grocery orders.

Another aspect that will determine the success of ultra-fast delivery apps is whether they guarantee data security or not. Customer data such as Names, email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers, products ordered, etc.

Protection of customers data is done by your grocery delivery app development company that has built your app or website.

According to an article by RBB, ultra-fast delivery competitor Flink(a German grocery delivery firm) exposed the names, addresses and credit card details of many customers.

Statista shows that 65% consumers are concerned or slightly concerned about the security of their online data.

Protection of their data is crucial if ultra-fast delivery is about to capture a large share of the online grocery market.

These days some grocery delivery apps or websites are starting to deliver in three hours,

Is the future bright for ultra-fast delivery?

The sector of ultra-fast delivery is expanding at a high rate in urban areas. Gorillas (a European grocery delivery firm)already operates more than 170 locations & is now about to set up more than 500 locations by the end of this year, Source: the Capital newspaper.

Is ultra-fast delivery going to succeed & permanently change the way of shopping consumers. If so, this is going to make online delivery a priority for everyone.

If the online grocery industry wants to make an impact, then ultra-fast delivery apps or websites need to provide a seamless experience for customers that allows them to order quickly and efficiently.




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