9 Best Live Video Streaming Platform In 2021


Netflix is ​​well known & best live video streaming platform in the worldwide market. It was established in 1997.

The primary goal was to make movies accessible to all the people in the world. Today, Netflix is ​​one of the first choices when it comes to the best live video streaming platforms.

Netflix is now present in more than 180 nations, including India, the USA, UK. Netflix has effectively created a unique platform.

Netflix has grabbed the eye of movie makers and changed the way to see movies in the TV world. Because of Netflix, these days Netflix Clone app development is getting widely popular.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is an Amazon service that was created in the year 2006. At first, it was only available in the United States.

Amazon prime video is a platform that makes a large compilation of content by third parties.

They also invest in the production of series and original films. Amazon’s services are available in several countries like Brazil, India, the USA, UK, etc.


Hulu is an internationally acknowledged best live video streaming platform. It is not active globally, but still, give tough competition to Netflix.

The content of this live video streaming platform is only available after their television debut.

Hulu works with the production of original series, with productions acclaimed by critics and the public.


HBO allows video streaming services to those who subscribe to their TV channels.

As a TV producer, HBO migrated its content to the online platform. To attracts new customers from the current market.

Any subscriber of HBO channels can watch the original movies and series directly from their preferred devices.

FOX Play

FOX Play is another best live video streaming platform available for the consumption of content produced by FOX.

Subscribers can watch the content produced by the company. Therefore, some of the series and movies can only be seen on the platform by all the subscribers. This is a way to enhance the studio’s most successful content.


GloboPlay is known as the best live video streaming platform in Brazil. In 2018, GloboPlay underwent major changes, like all streaming applications.

Original programs and series were announced, which will be produced exclusively for the platform.

This brings this platform closer to major global investments like Netflix. Thus, GloboPlay becomes one of the first Brazilian investments in the streaming world to produce original and exclusive content.


A few years ago, Youtube announced that it would join the streaming model.

So they decided to invest in an original series of series and videos similar to models from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

They implemented the advertising and ad system. Anyone can access the original content created by Youtube for free.

Youtube also announced that it plans to continue the production of original series and films, taking advantage of the new monetization model.

Telecine Play

Telecine Play is a digital platform that creates films shown by Telecine channels.

The subscription is only for premiere films on television. With Telecine Play, all Telecine channel subscribers have access to the films and releases shown by the channel.


Disney+ announced to go head-to-head with major streaming apps, Netflix’s competitors.

By taking advantage of its rights over other studios, Disney+ has an advantage over the market.

Disney owns the rights of production houses such as Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and, soon, 21stCentury Fox.



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